Thursday, February 26, 2009

89. The Flood

Thrillpowered Thursday is a weekly look at the world of 2000 AD. I'm rereading my collection of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, one issue an evening, and once each week for the foreseeable future, I'll see what I'm inspired to write.

August 2000: Prog 1208, with its wonderful Cliff Robinson cover, holds the unfortunate distinction of being the rarest of all 2000 AD issues. Fan lore has it that the printed issues were stored in a warehouse waiting to be shipped, but the space flooded, and two of the three pallets of comics were ruined. Subscribers got their copies, but not many other people did, and the comic, when it does show up second-hand, routinely goes for around £20.

Since I don't have a copy myself, I think I'll take a break from writing today. I'll note that the Judge Dredd episode, by John Wagner and Henry Flint, was reprinted in Rebellion's wonderful Henry Flint Collection last year, but the rest of the comic has never seen a second outing.

Next week, Nikolai Dante returns and I'll look at the new collection of Ro-Busters. See you then!


Bob Temuka said...

Oh, what a cheat! Thrill-Powered Thursday is one of my favourite things of the week, as you're just coming to the point where I got back into the comic after eight years away.

Keep up the good work, Dad. I really do enjoy it when you look at these comics.

I didn't realise this issue was so rare. It made it all the way to NZ. I have, however, had massive trouble trying to find other issues around this time...

Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

I'm sorry, but I'll make it up to you next week with an extra-length entry, though!

Bob Temuka said...


Nick Coyle said...

Love this blog! This post remind me of one of my worst crimes against thrill-power. This prog made it safely to Leamington Spa where I was studying at the time. A couple of years ago due to space issues I unwittingly put it out for recycling little knowing the demand for it! Hopefully all of the progs should be available digitally soon anyway.