Thursday, March 27, 2008

47. Invading the Oxford Union Society

March 1997: Megazine vol. 3 # 30 features the concluding episode of the Judge Dredd epic "Fetish" by John Smith and Siku. The third part ended with the surprise reappearance of Vatican agent Devlin Waugh after four years' absence from the pages of the Megazine. Waugh rapidly turns Dredd into a second banana in his own strip and turns a really good story into a great one. "Fetish" is included in the 2004 collection Swimming in Blood, which I highly suggest you check out. The other stories appearing in this issue are the second and final story for the Mega City-One disaster crew Holocaust 12 by Smith and Clint Langley, and the continuing adventure of the Soviet psychic The Inspectre by Jim Campbell, Kevin Walker and Andrew Currie, along with another episode of the 1990 "Necropolis" epic.

Meanwhile, as you see every spring, the charitable organization Comic Relief was doing its regular fundraising exercises. This year, one of the events was a debate held by the Oxford Union Society on the subject of "Do blondes have more fun?" Celebrity guests for the event included TV presenter Jo Guest and model Debee Ashby, whoever they are, along with 2000 AD characters Venus Bluegenes (played by Claire Smithies) and Durham Red (played by Luisa Morando). Their speeches on the subject were written by Dan Abnett, and were printed in progs 1042 and 1044. Since I'd like a little break from writing, here are some of the photos from the occasion which were printed in the comic.

Next week: Al's Baby! Henry Flint! Fewer pictures of cute girls! And more!

(Originally published 3/27/08 at LiveJournal.)

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